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Footage Search provides leading broadcasters, advertising agencies and production companies worldwide with a unique and outstanding service for online search, preview, purchase and delivery of the highest quality stock footage:

Find the Exact Shot You Need (Search Guide)
Footage Search allows you to make detailed searches to quickly find the exact shot you need. We represent the best cinematographers throughout the world, eliminating the hassles of working with numerous individual providers. Find the exact video clip you need using advanced searches, or browse subject categories from A-Z.

Preview Video Clips Online
All stock footage can be previewed online. Click on any representative thumbnail image to play the video clip and view the clip details. A Movie Popup window will open to reveal the video clip, subject description, camera format, and the license rate. Registered business clients can also download watermarked Preview Clips for in-house preview purposes.

Free Preview Downloads
Watermarked Preview Clips can be downloaded by registered business clients in the Quicktime H.264 format in Standard Definition for offline editing or in-house preview purposes. To enable free watermarked preview downloads, you must first Register and Sign In. Full-frame Preview Clips are available to approved business clients who provide adequate contact and project information. Please allow up to 24 hours for a sales representative to approve your request for watermarked preview clips or contact a sales representative by phone. The preview download option above is NOT available for Academic Use or for any Public Display.

Clear Pricing and Licensing Terms (Pricing Guide)
Footage Search allows you to see price information up front, right from the start of the preview process, with prices that vary to meet a wide range of budgets. License Fees (rates) are based on the License Use and Terms of the production. Rates are also based on camera format and rarity of footage, so rates may differ from clip to clip. You set License Use and Terms with the online Pricing Calculator. Online rates are available for Advertising, Theatrical, Corporate, Non-Broadcast, and Broadcast Uses.

Free Research
If you can’t find the exact shot you need online, send us a Shot Request and Footage Search can either track down stock footage or set up a custom shoot through our global network of over 1000 cinematographers. Our extensive ready-to-access online collections are expanding each month as new cinematographers join the Footage Search team.

Master Stock Footage in the Format You Need (Ordering Guide)
From HD to Ultra HD 4K+, you select the source and delivery format best for your project. All master stock footage is available to license online, with delivery available in any format.

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Disclaimer: Stock Footage and Video Clips are licensed by Footage Search. Footage Search provides high quality video clips of wildlife, outdoor sports, and travel destinations to provide value to our customers. All of our video footage and footagesearch pictures are copyrighted and may not taken without a media license and/or written approval. Thank you for visiting Footage Search.