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Footage Search Announces Extensive Additions of 4K Stock Video Content

Monterey, CA. June 22, 2012 -- Footage Search announced the expansion of their premium 4K video content, with new submissions from award winning cinematographers worldwide, the 4K footage collection now includes over 10,000 clips, shot with expert composition, lighting, and timing. The new submissions include a diverse range of scenic, aerial, urban, underwater, and wildlife footage from around the world.

Footage Search Announces Over 100 New Hours of HD Stock Video Content Available at OceanFootage

Monterey, CA. June 4, 2012 -- Footage Search announced the expansion of their underwater and oceanic stock video content.  The OceanFootage stock footage collection, which represents over 300 leading cinematographers, has recent submissions to the online portal of over 100 new hours of high definition content from award-winning cinematographers. Contributing cinematographers include the Academy Award winning director of The Cove, Louie Psihoyos and his Oceanic Preservation Society and Emmy Award winning documentary cinematographers Didier Noirot and Howard Hall.

Footage Search Announces the New Funny Animals Video Collection at NatureFootage

Monterey, CA. February 15, 2012 -- NatureFootage presents a new collection of entertaining and humorous animal video clips. Some animals have the occasional clumsy moment while others are just naturally entertaining in their daily activities, and Footage Search has gathered a variety of funny animal video clips sure to spark some laughter. There are video clips of the cute and playful activities of baby animals, from polar bear cubs tumbling in arctic snow to adventurous young primates learning to swing from tree to tree. Many of these funny animal video clips provide an exceptional glimpse into surprising inter-species interactions. All of these clips are ready to license, providing great comedic material for a wide range of video and film productions.

Footage Search Announces Exclusive New Footage of Black Rhino Poaching in Africa

Monterey CA. November 10, 2011 -- Footage Search announces exclusive new video of a Black Rhinoceros poached alive in South Africa. Captured in HD, these clips highlight the gruesome and dramatic plight of wild Black Rhinos. Coinciding with the recent news that rhino poaching rates in Africa have reached an all-time high as the illegal trade in rhino horn continues, this dramatic footage was captured by cameraman Rainer Schimpf at the Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa. The resulting sequence of HD video clips highlights the importance of this issue, and can be viewed now at NatureFootage.

Footage Search Announces 20,000 New Royalty Free Video Clips at NatureFootage

Monterey CA. October 26, 2011 -- NatureFootage announces the addition of over 20,000 new Royalty Free HD stock footage clips. The Royalty Free license option is now available for thousands of high-definition and standard definition video clips. This Royalty Free collection provides new video offerings specializing in natural history, wildlife, and animal stock footage.

Footage Search Announces the Exclusive New Travel HD Collection at AdventureFootage

Monterey, CA. September 13, 2011 -- AdventureFootage presents stunning locations and aerial HD stock footage of vacation and adventure travel destinations in the new Travel HD stock footage collection. Explore urban locales with postcard perfect video clips of old-world European cities and emerging Asian hotspots. The collection features extreme sports video of all types and adventure travel footage from the far corners of the globe.

Footage Search Announces 10,000 New Royalty Free Clips Now Available To License From the OceanFootage Stock Footage Collection
Monterey, CA. August 10, 2011 -- Stock footage leader, Footage Search, announced the expansion of their Royalty Free offerings available from the OceanFootage website. The Royalty Free stock footage collection now includes over 10,000 high definition and standard definition video clips of diverse marine and underwater subjects. All Royalty Free video clips are available to license online for immediate download.

Footage Search Announces The New Lock-Shot Collection 
Exclusively Available at NatureFootage

Monterey, CA. August 3, 2011 -- Footage Search announces the release of the new Lock-Shot collection through the stock footage portal NatureFootage.  Highlighting a spectacular range of subjects, this new collection delivers premium lock-shot stock footage for use in video productions of all types.

Footage Search Announces the New Aerial Sports HD Collection Exclusively Available at AdventureFootage

Monterey, CA. February 24, 2011 -- Footage Search announces the release of the new Aerial Sports HD collection through the new stock footage portal, AdventureFootage. AdventureFootage launched in November 2010 through a partnership with Wink Inc. of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado. The AdventureFootage portal includes the Wink Inc. collection, and footage from additional suppliers.

Footage Search Focuses on Action with the Launch of AdventureFootage
Monterey, CA. November 10, 2010 -- Footage Search, Inc.  today announced their latest expansion with a new comprehensive collection of action sports and outdoor adventure through the stock footage portal, AdventureFootage. The release of the new website was spurred on by a partnership with Wink Inc. of Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Denver, Colorado. The AdventureFootage portal includes the Wink Inc. collection, and footage from additional suppliers.

Footage Search Unveils Red One 4K Expansion of OceanFootage / NatureFootage Stock Footage Collections
Monterey, CA. March 4, 2010 -- Footage Search, Inc. announces the expansion of the OceanFootage and NatureFootage collections with all new Red One 4K footage. The footage is being sourced from renowned cinematographers worldwide and features a growing variety of habitats and species from the deep sea to the world’s mountaintops.

Footage Search Announces the Launch of Royalty Free Licensing from the OceanFootage and NatureFootage Stock Footage Collections
Monterey, CA. January 27, 2010 -- Footage Search, Inc., the stock footage leader of the highly successful OceanFootage and NatureFootage collections, has announced entry into the Royalty Free stock footage marketplace with a new Royalty Free license option. The OceanFootage and NatureFootage websites now offer thousands of SD and HD video clips of wildlife, marine, underwater, and scenic subjects, all available Royalty Free.

Footage Search Adds New Cineflex Stock Footage Collection Including Stunning Visuals of Climate Change
Monterey, CA. November 19, 2009 -- Stock footage leader, Footage Search, announced today the release of a new collection of dramatic footage of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Alaska, sourced using Cineflex technology and exclusively available at the OceanFootage and NatureFootage websites.

Footage Search Unveils New Face of OceanFootage and NatureFootage Stock Footage Websites
Monterey, CA. October 20, 2009 – Nature and wildlife stock footage industry leader, Footage Search, unveils the release of newly designed licensing collections and website tools that greatly enhance the stock footage research and licensing process. Newly expanded stock footage collections now include a streamlined customer search and project development tools and interface, enhanced video viewing tools, and a new, automated ordering and delivery system. Accompanying these changes is an increase in staff and offices to meet an increased demand for their premium line of nature and wildlife stock footage subjects worldwide.

Vertical HD Collection Now Available At NatureFootage: A Stunning Perspective Designed For Vertical Displays
Monterey, CA. May 19, 2009 – Footage Search, operators of the NatureFootage stock footage collection, announces a new collection of spectacular High Definition Vertical Stock Footage. The collection captures the beauty of nature for vertical displays. This unique perspective, resulting from the camera being mounted vertically, is designed for a new eye-catching approach to digital signage, in-store displays, online advertisements, and exhibits. The rapidly growing collection includes a wide range of underwater marine life, time-lapse scenic landscapes, and city destinations.

Footage Search, Inc. Launches NatureFootage Collection to Web
Monterey, CA. February 17, 2006 – From Footage Search, Inc. (the creators of OceanFootage, the world’s largest online resource for ocean footage), comes a new resource for footage from the natural world: NatureFootage. This exciting collection features hundreds of hours of footage from some of the best nature cinematographers around the world, with all footage available to search and preview online.

NatureFootage Announced this Week at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival
Monterey, CA. September 19, 2005 – From Footage Search (the creators of OceanFootage, the world’s largest online resource for ocean footage), comes a new resource for footage from the natural world: NatureFootage. This exciting online collection will spotlight breathtaking footage from the best nature cinematographers around the world, and was officially announced, appropriately enough, at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival (September 19 - 24, 2005).

OceanFootage Adds Collections from Award-Winner Al Giddings and More!

Celebrated New Collections Include Footage from Al Giddings, NHNZ, Sea Studios, Bob Glusic, Greg Huglin, David Hannan, and more

Monterey, CA. August 23, 2005 – With the addition of over 200 hours of select footage from acclaimed cinematographers and production companies, the OceanFootage collection is as big as the deep blue sea. Superb new collections, now available in Standard Definition, High-Definition and 35mm film, include footage from such notable providers as DP and four-time Emmy award-winner Al Giddings, as well as Natural History New Zealand (NHNZ), Bob Glusic, Greg Huglin, David Hannan, and Sea Studios.

OceanFootage Makes a Splash with Exhibit Sales
Assorted High-Profile Footage Sales to Aquariums and Museums Worldwide Make for a Successful Spring

Monterey, CA. June 9, 2005 – OceanFootage has had a dynamic and successful Spring, achieving a number of high-profile footage sales to Exhibits – as well as to advertising campaigns for exhibits – worldwide. Exhibits are an important market for the company, which offers the largest and most varied collection of ocean footage available anywhere (above or below the waves). Recent clients in this niche include a number of the world’s leading aquariums and museums, who use the footage to enhance their ocean and marine-related exhibits, and to bring the natural habitats of the ocean creatures on display to life for museum and aquarium visitors

“Big Waves” Collection Rolls Into OceanFootage!
OceanFootage Adds Impressive New Collection from Noted Wave and Surf Cinematographer

Monterey, CA. April 20, 2005 – Spectacular new footage has just surfed into Oceanfootage, which announces an exciting new collection of “Big Waves” from acclaimed filmmaker Mike Prickett. Prickett, with over 20 years of experience to his credit, specializes in adrenaline-soaked footage of surfers, climbers, and adventure seekers. The new “Big Waves” collection is the next best thing to actually being on a surfboard and is only available at OceanFootage – the world’s most comprehensive provider of ocean footage.

“Close Encounters” at OceanFootage!
Unique and Exciting Collection Spotlights Ocean Encounters Between People and the Creatures of the Sea

Monterey, CA. March 31, 2005 – The talented cinematographers who contribute to OceanFootage help create the world’s most comprehensive online source for ocean footage, in one easy and convenient location. These contributors have devoted their lives to the documentation of the world beneath the sea in encounters that take place at a respectful distance. Sometimes a creature becomes curious about that strange “diver with a camera,” and approaches to examine more closely. The result is an assortment of truly spectacular encounters between humans and the mysterious wildlife of the sea. These exciting encounters make up the newest collection at OceanFootage, entitled People and the Sea.

OceanFootage Expands High-Definition Collection!
Over 25 Hours of Exciting New HD Oceanic Footage Available Now Online for Immediate Licensing at OceanFootage

Pacific Grove, CA. January 11, 2005 – OceanFootage specializes in the world’s most spectacular moving images of the great blue sea – above and below its surface. And now those seeking ocean footage will see into its depths more clearly than ever, thanks to the stock footage provider’s incredible expansion of its High-Definition (HD) collection. OceanFootage already offered over 25 hours of superb HD footage online, so the addition to this collection of over 25 hours of new HD footage makes the collection truly world-class, with more moving images from some of the best ocean cinematographers on the planet. Best of all, the entire collection is available now for online search, preview, purchase and delivery.

“There She Blows!” OceanFootage Adds New Footage to a Whale of a Collection
More Spectacular Moving Images of Whales From Acclaimed Ocean Cinematographers Now Available at OceanFootage

Pacific Grove, CA. September 13, 2004 – As some of the most massive, mysterious and beautiful inhabitants of the deep, whales have been a continuing source of fascination and wonder for humans for centuries. Now industry leader OceanFootage has enhanced its already massive “Whales” collection with even more of the most rare and spectacular footage of these great leviathans. The world’s most comprehensive online resource for ocean footage, OceanFootage’s superb Whale footage comes from a variety of the best cinematographers worldwide. As a result, the newly expanded Whales collection is unforgettable – expansive in species, behavior, and geography.

New Collection from Celebrated Filmmaker Howard Hall

Pacific Grove, CA. June 4, 2004 – OceanFootage added a prestigious new collection of superb footage from award-winning cinematographer Howard Hall and his wife Michele Hall (also an Emmy winner). The collection includes a wide range of marine life and environments, including elegant Kelp Forests, frolicking Sea Lions, slow-moving Sunfish, graceful Sea Turtles, schools of ghostly Hammerhead Sharks, singing Humpbacks, and more (plus a wide variety of Dolphins, Sharks, Whales, Manta Rays, and Schooling Fish). The material is available in High Definition(1080/24P), and like all footage at OceanFootage is also available for immediate download.

Expanded Sharks Collection Means More Footage with Bite
OceanFootage Offers Even More Exciting and Diverse Motion Images of Sharks from Across the Globe

Pacific Grove, CA. May 2, 2004 – OceanFootage announced the expansion of one of its most popular collections: Sharks, with brand-new material from acclaimed ocean cinematographers such as Bob Cranston, Perry Armor, Nick Caloyianis, and more. From close-up lunges by the predatory Great White, to a placidly gliding Basking Shark, to sharks actually being hand-fed and 'petted' by divers, the additions can be accessed straight from the home page, and only further enrich an already stunning collection of topside and underwater shark film and video stock footage.

New Approach to Online Representation – and an Invitation

Pacific Grove, CA. March 16, 2004 – With more than a year of continuous expansion, a key to OceanFootage’s success has been the company's unique new approach to online representation, a 'partnership' approach that attracts talented cinematographers from across the globe. OceanFootage continued this commitment to expansion by announcing an open footage submission invitation to ocean and nature footage providers worldwide in March 2004. It's an excellent opportunity, as OceanFootage uses an exciting and entirely new business model that provides unprecedented control to providers over their sales and collections – and a whole new way to reach buyers. OceanFootage currently works with more than 100 of the world’s most respected ocean cinematographers worldwide.

New High-Def Collection Features Giant Humboldt Squid
New High-Def Collection of Giant Humboldt Squid Now Available from Acclaimed Cinematographer Bob Cranston

Pacific Grove, CA. January 26, 2004 – OceanFootage announced new footage of one of the ocean's most legendary and elusive inhabitants, the giant Humboldt Squid. The truly extraordinary collection features over 30 minutes of select material from acclaimed underwater cinematographer Bob Cranston. Cranston has spent more time with the Humboldt Squid at depth than anyone else in the world, and now an extensive array of carefully selected material with these beautiful creatures is available at OceanFootage– including some of the most recent and exciting yet captured in High-definition (1080/24P format). To immediately browse, please visit /sellers/bobcranston.

OceanFootage Launches New, Expanded, Advanced Services
The Web’s Best Ocean Footage Collection Announces Next-Generation Online Capabilities to Serve Buyers, Providers Alike

Pacific Grove, CA. November 12, 2003. OceanFootage announced an assortment of new, improved, and expanded services, with faster access, improved navigation, and higher-quality access to a newly enhanced and expanded collection of video and film. OceanFootage also added a new high-quality preview option, rapid downloads of preview and master footage, advanced searching and browsing by category to quickly find available footage, and web-based shot requests – all available to ocean footage buyers whenever needed. The new capabilities help footage buyers find the exact ocean shot they need, and to do so fast, affordably, and in the format that fits their project.

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