3D Footage

Submitting Footage

To start, you’ll need to submit a compilation of your best footage. Once your initial submission is accepted, you can submit additional material at any time.

The following is the information you will need in order to submit your footage.

Video quality standards are a key priority for Footage Search. Your footage should be assembled in a way that ensures no (or minimal) loss of quality.

The following factors are considered in the review process:

  1. Image Quality: Critical focus and appropriate exposure.
  2. Composition: Aesthetically acceptable composition and smooth movement.
  3. Content: Relevant to the collection submitted, interesting, and sellable.

Footage Search reserves the right to deny clips that do no meet these standards.


Media can be submitted on HDCam Tape and/or as digital files on a hard drive or data DVD (hard drives will be returned). Your submission media should have NO visible timecode or watermarks, and should be assembled in a way that ensures no, or minimal, loss of quality.

Each shot should be at least 10 seconds, and no longer than 30 seconds unless absolutely necessary. The shot you submit is the exact product that will be licensed. Add a 1-2 second handle at the beginning and end of any significant action (e.g., shark swims through frame). There must be NO transitions between shots.

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Disclaimer: Stock Footage and Video Clips are licensed by Footage Search. Footage Search provides high quality video clips of wildlife, outdoor sports, and travel destinations to provide value to our customers. All of our video footage and footagesearch pictures are copyrighted and may not taken without a media license and/or written approval. Thank you for visiting Footage Search.