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Providers - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are some of your footage buyers?
A: Footage Search serves leading broadcasters, advertising agencies, and production companies worldwide. Our collections have been used for broadcast television, commercials, museum and educational productions, feature films, corporate presentations, multimedia, and Internet content. View Client List

Q: What is Footage Search doing to market and sell my footage?
A: Footage Search has an aggressive marketing campaign to reach targeted groups of buyers for your footage. Footage Search sites produce top results on search engines. Footage Search sites are also listed in the major online stock footage directories and is featured in select print Stock Footage directories published by leading industry sources. Our ongoing marketing initiatives will continue to increase the revenue-building value of our collections, and to you as a footage provider.

Q: Do I still retain rights to use my footage?
A: You may continue to use your footage for your own productions. The standard agreement is for exclusive sales through Footage Search Websites. If you are already represented by other third parties, we can arrange for a non-exclusive agreement for a higher commission.

If you are ever contacted directly by a Buyer who found you through Footage Search staff or Footage Search Websites, Footage Search will either require that you direct the Buyer back to Footage Search or require commission from sales made directly by you. We do track our outgoing leads and can request accounting records from you if it becomes apparent that we were denied commission from a sale generated from a Footage Search lead. Overall, this is an issue of trust and we have never had any discrepancies around this issue.

Q: After a sale, when will I be paid?
A: Royalty payments are paid to you quarterly. Each check you receive includes a statement describing all footage sales, including Clip ID, durations used, and license terms.

Q: How were the licensing prices determined? Can I charge what I believe the clip is worth?
A: Footage Search sets minimum pricing standards for each clip based on camera format and rarity of footage. You can adjust the price of your footage up or down, based on the value you set.

Q: Do I have to pay up-front fees to have my material online?
A: There are no up-front costs to join Footage Search. Any setup fees are deducted from sales.

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Disclaimer: Stock Footage and Video Clips are licensed by Footage Search. Footage Search provides high quality video clips of wildlife, outdoor sports, and travel destinations to provide value to our customers. All of our video footage and footagesearch pictures are copyrighted and may not taken without a media license and/or written approval. Thank you for visiting Footage Search.