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Footage Providers: Testimonials

“I forwarded selects of my best HD footage to Footage Search and all of the footage was placed online within a couple of weeks! Now my footage is truly available to a global market.”
Howard Hall

"Footage Search has helped me organize my HD video library so that buyers can access it quickly and easily. Footage Search has knowledge of the market, and skill in negotiating, which has increased my High Definition stock sales significantly. Because Footage Search has daily office staff, customer service to my clients has improved. Footage Search has reached new customers with my images. This allows me to be out of the office, out in the field, shooting more HD stock footage."
Bob Cranston

“NatureFootage gives my footage top visibility to buyers through leading Search Engines, and that means I’m connected worldwide to buyers who might never find me otherwise.”
Ernie Kovacs

“With my own custom Profile Page on NatureFootage, I don’t need to pay for setting up and maintaining a website of my own. I just refer potential buyers to my NatureFootage Profile Page URL, they see what they need and order it directly online.”
Nate Johnson

“Other footage sites on the Web mostly just provide text-searching indexes of footage descriptions, or even just indexes of footage providers who may or may not meet a buyer’s needs. With NatureFootage, however, potential buyers can quickly identify desired topics and immediately view my footage directly online. They and their clients can decide right away if the clips meet their needs, order online, and even download most clips immediately online, rather than waiting for the footage tapes to be shipped.”
Skip Stubbs

“My Key Word indexing and pricing of my footage I placed online on NatureFootage was easier than I expected, and have been easy to change any time I found the need.”
Sara Shoemaker

“ Footage Search staff are knowledgeable, friendly, courteous, and always available by phone or email if I have a question. It’s great to have this kind of support.”
Daniel Zatz

"Footage Search is the leader in the way we will acquire stock video footage. To be able to click and play is the best way to fulfill your needs when looking for that shot you need. NatureFootage serves as a great hub for professional videographers to showcase their work to meet the needs of nature footage buyers."
Doug MacCormack

“Service! Selling footage on the Web is new for me, and every time I email or call Footage Search with a question I get excellent customer service and clear answers.”
Cat Holloway

"I'm very impressed with ClipLog—it's intuitive and incredibly easy to use."
Mary Lynn Price

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